Extreme Activities – Tickle Your Nerves!

It is a problem if you do not have enough spare time, work all day long and perform your home duties during the weekends. It is another problem, if you have enough spare time but have no idea on how to spend it. You may think that your calm hobbies like reading books, sitting in cafes with your friends or playing scrabble is the right way to relax and restore energy. Okay, you may dose in this calmness for the rest of your life, but I want to offer you something more interesting, nerves tickling and sometimes even dangerous, the kind of activities which will wake you up, charge you with adrenaline and make your weekend or vacation unforgettable!

As for me, I dream of completing bungee jump. Bungee jumping is jumping form any tall structure, be it a skyscraper or a bridge, while connected to a long elastic cord. This cord stretches and then recoils and you move downwards and upwards according to these processes. The sense of weightlessness is indescribable; you feel that you are flying and all the world is beneath you. Elastic cord is very secure as it is made of latex and special instructors adjust it to your body, so the level of security is pretty high, but the sense of danger nevertheless follows you in this adventure. You may combine this activity with traveling and visit the most famous bungee bridges all over the world. Come, for instance, to Italy to jump from Ponte Colossus. This bridge is 350 m long and it will take you about 4.5 seconds for the first fall, so train your nerves to undertake this experience. Another option is Pipeline Bungy in New Zealand. The height of 102 m is not so breathtaking, but as you will hang dangerously to the foamy waters you will feel the real taste of life. You will also be impressed by Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa. It is the highest single spin ark bridge. Besides, it provides all the conditions for bungee jumping.

If you want the feeling of flying to be complete you should try powered parachute sports activity. It is one of the easiest ways to stretch your mental wings as it does not require much effort and skills to participate in it. Powered parachute is equipped with motor and wheels and is quite easy to run. Besides, you may use the help of personal instructor and just sit and enjoy this adventure beside him.

May be you are not ready for such extreme yet. In this case you may try something less breathtaking, like geocaching, for instance. It is an outdoor activity which includes traveling and seeking for hidden containers with the help of GPS and other technical devices and apps. These containers may be hidden anywhere in the world. If you join this activity you will have to travel a lot as the containers are placed in 200 different countries and on all seven continents, including Antarctica. So, your adventures will not be always comfortable, but the emotions you will receive are definitely worth some inconveniences.


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