Guide to the Extreme Travel Activities

It may sound strange but sometimes entertainment can be boring. Everything seems to be all right – you have spare time, your favorite book and soft music, all the factors to perform a rest. However, you feel that one factor is missing, though you often can not describe it with words. This factor is the sense of adventure, the thought that you are making something wonderful, something which can be written in the chronicle of your life.

This thirst for the extreme adventures can take you far away from home but you will not regret having committed the travel as the destination will be definitely worth it. You can start with South Africa and Australia – these countries provide you with an opportunity to perform cage-diving with sharks. You are taken to the ocean in a boat and then you are placed in a cage and thrown deep in the water. After that you have only to wait for these monstrous predators to follow your scent and approach the cage. The cage will protect you from sharks but you will have an excellent view on their sharp teeth.

Bolivia should be also included in your travel list as there you can enjoy biking on the “Road of Death”. This road is declared to be most dangerous in the world, and seeing this evil route for the first time you feel strong desire to pray. Biking along this road will provide you with great doze of adrenaline, as this route leads you through dense jungle, narrow lanes and sharp drops of indescribable height. If you decide to perform this ride and complete it successfully you can be proud of yourself for the rest of your life.

If you think that Alaska is an unfriendly place which can offer you no attractions you will change your mind after participating in high-altitude skiing. You will be dropped off by a helicopter somewhere in the Chugach Mountains. There you will find untouched slopes and inaccessible peaks and admire breath-taking views.

Hawaii is famous not only for its hot climate and sunny beaches, but also for one of the most extreme activities in the world – surfing the Jaws break. You will be taken by a watercraft to the Maui Island where one of the biggest wave reef breaks called Jaws is situated. The waves reach height of about 120 feet and crashes down with great speed. The wild power of nature produces g5reat impression, and the feeling of being on the edge of the jaws break can not be compared to anything else.

Spain is quite traditional tourist destination. However, you may try a new type of activity which is practiced in Pamplona – running with the bulls. This activity is a part of San Fermin festival. All participants have to run from the bulls which follows them along narrow streets of the city. It can be dangerous as the horns and hooves of the animals can reach you. Besides, since you began to run you have no right to stop, so it is up to you to decide what price you are ready to offer for the portion of adrenaline.


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