Hair hair everywhere…

For many men, the world of fashion is full of mystery and contradictions. Stereotypes and out-of-date way of thinking ruin men’s style. Well, when one’s mother is busy with ironing a polka-dot shirt, while modern designers suggest wearing micro shorts, it’s quite hard to save your sense of style, especially when one doesn’t have it since birth. For older men it’s almost impossible to develop an adequate understanding of men’s fashion.

One of the biggest problem areas is hair. Many men do huge mistakes about their haircut, facial hair or body hair. Let’s talk about the main mistakes guys do, no matter how old or famous men are.

Mistake 1.

Extremely long hair. For the members of some sections of society, like bikers and heavy metal musicians, long hair are boast. The longer your hair-the cooler you are. But these guys should keep in mind that hair length does not affect the talent and quality of music, and to tell the truth many girls prefer not to be with ‘ a mermaid’ and his hair(which are often unwashed) in the same room.

Mistake 2.

A strange beard. First of all, long beards are not in vogue. Beard adds men much age. Moreover, feeble wisps of hair on your chin can’t attract any woman: ladies don’t burn with desire to take out your hair out of their mouth after a kiss.

Mistake 3.

Women’s accessories. Before-time it seemed to be fashionable. Many boys used to grow their hair specially to put on female headbands. It’s good this accessory now takes place in the list of the men’s mistakes.

Mistake 4.

Hair dyeing. Especially bleaching. This is for politicians or producers who want to look younger. It was cool in the time of N’Sync and Backstreet Boys. Now that’s not fashionable or sexy at all.

Mistake 5.

Pathetic attempts to hide a bald spot with the rest of side hair. No comments.

Mistake 6.

Almost the same as in mistake 5, but the rest of hair pulled back into a thin ponytail. A nice contrast.

Mistake 7.

Speaking about facial hair, I should mention one more unpleasant for ladies thing: young mustache. Some guys are so proud of this fact of their initiation into grown-ups, that don’t shave this mustache for long months. But that’s what guys should get rid of at once. Fuff under the nose, especially together with glasses, can make a misfit and a nerd out of any guy.

Mistake 8.

Now, eyebrows. No matter, whether a man has plucked or bushy eyebrows, it’s all about negative moments in his appearance. With continuous eyebrows you’ll look like Frida Kahlo, but on the other hand don’t engage in competition with your girlfriend with the skittish lines above your eyes.

Mistake 9.

Armpits hair. Girls don’t like when a man has both bushes or shaved armpits. In both cases it’s too much for them.Follow the line of three days’ bristles.

Mistake 10.

Shaved legs or chest. Especially legs. Don’t compete with your girlfriend.

Well, I hope all these hair issues will be over soon and men will finally learn how to look nice.


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