Speech Disorders – Childish Problems of Adults

Speech disorders are more common among children, though some adults may also have the problems of this kind which can spoil their lives in not a childish manner. However, usually it appears that it is quite easy to deal with speech disorders of different types.

Dyslalia, for instance, is a speech defect expressed in distortion of speech sounds, their replacement or complete absence. The reason can be some defects in the structure of articulatory apparatus or the general state of its muscles or incorrect choice of articulatory manner. However, compensatory abilities of the body allow to reach the same acoustic effect by different means. In other words, a speech therapist can help to achieve correct pronunciation even if the structure of your speech apparatus is abnormal. Ariculatory gymnastics and training exercises will help you to work out necessary skills and automatically include the sound into speech.

Stutter is another common speech disorder which is characterized by defects of tempo and rhythm of speech caused by the spasms of articulatory apparatus’s muscles. It leads to incorrect breathing, word stress and intonation. The reasons of stutter can be psychological traumas or neurotic disorders, as well as brain lesion. In most cases, to get rid of stutter you will need to practice a complex approach – psychotherapy, physiotherapy and medication. Besides, it is useful to do exercises on reducing speech spasms and to sing as singing produces a positive effect on speech breathing.

Speech therapist will not laugh at you for having these childish disorders and there is nothing to be ashamed of. The solution of speech problems will help you to improve the quality of life and become more confident. It is hard to retrain in adulthood but you have one advantage comparing to children – awareness and the knowledge of what result you want to achieve.


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