Safe Web Browser For Kids

It’s not a secret today that we cannot live without Internet. We use it at home and at work and it became indispensable for us to have an opportunity to search for something on the web to satisfy our hunger for information. Have you ever thought what kids usually feel watching us during the time we are surfing through the web?

They are most likely aware of the infinite quantity of intriguing things over there however they have no idea that some data can be unsafe for their unstable mentality. KidRocket KidSafe Web Browser was developed in order to help parents control what kind of pages children load. Its designers certainly did their best to fulfill this particular purpose.

At first sight the browser looks fantastic: it has the cosmic stylized design and a very user friendly interface that enables any child get to understand how to control it. The program is a lot colorful and bright and it must be looking really amazing from the kids’ point of view. It wakes their imagination and makes the process of web browsing very entertaining and fun.

Every website to load is in the form of a preview to provide better view and easier access. The browser also has built-in tools for drawing that encourage a little kid to try hand in painting. There is also a feature of saving the pictures and forwarding it to email. The web filter will help your child choose the best online games to play.

In addition there is a useful feature called “time-lock” that limits the time a kid can spend on the Internet and the “lock mode” function will restrict the child to change the settings without knowing the password.

KidRocket KidSafe Web Browser has a list of the most popular websites for kids such as Barbie, FunBrain, and others.

This web browser can be recommended to any parent who would like to be sure their kid wouldn’t browse unsafe pages.


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