These funny presidents!

Politics are also human beings, and nothing human is alien to them. And they all have their own oddities, which could seem strange or funny to us.

For example, George Washington loved horse riding. He insisted that his horse should be perfectly clean. Washington used to check even the cleanliness of the teeth of a horse.

Thomas Jefferson designed his own gravestone, and even wrote the text there, where the fact he was a president wasn’t mentioned.

John Quincy Adams used to bathe naked at dawn in the Potomac River. Also he didn’t use to change his clothes and wore one and the same suit for more than 10 years.

Andrew Jackson was an inveterate duellist. Once during the duel, he got a bullet in the chest. Surgeons couldn’t pull it out, and Jackson had that piece of lead inside all his life long.

John Tyler is the president of many children in US history. He had eight children with his first wife, and seven more with the second one. His 15th child was born, when the president was over seventy. By the way, James Buchanan was the only U.S. president who was not married. He was once betrothed, but his fiancee broke off their engagement, and soon she died.

Zachary Taylor couldn’t do anything without chewing tobacco. During the official events he held a snuffbox in his hand.

Abraham Lincoln always wore a black top hat, where he kept all his letters, financial papers, bills and notes.

Andrew Johnson never attended school. At the age of 17 he was taught to read by his future wife, Eliza McCardle. One more thing about this president was that Johnson wore suits which he cut out and sewed himself. Speaking about clothes we should remember Chester Arthur, who had about 100 pairs of pants in the wardrobe.

President James Garfield was an extremely gifted person. He could simultaneously write in Greek with his one hand, and in Latin with another one, moreover he was a polyglot. By the way, he died of a cut finger and as a result of blood poisoning. One more president who had a horrible death was William Harrison. His inauguration ceremony was carried out in a very cold day. The new president immediately caught a cold. Soon his cold developed into pneumonia and he died a month later. He ran the country during the shortest period of time in the history of the U.S.

Benjamin Harrison hated electric light, and asked to lit candles during his tenure in the White House.

William Taft weighed over 136 pounds. There was a special bath of increased size in the White House made specially for him.

Many American presidents were fond of animals. Calvin Coolidge had two tame raccoonsin the White House living with him and Harry Truman had a goat which was grazing on the lawn in front of the White House.Bill Clinton ordered to make a personal web site for his cat Socks. Well now you can see, that presidents can be also funny, odd and romantic. Isn’t it wonderful?


2 responses to “These funny presidents!

  1. Great post.I had a smile on my face the lighter side of politics.

  2. Thank you for stopping by! I am really glad you enjoyed my article!

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