Shinobi Review

If Super Mario 3D Land makes you recollect the times when the capital “N” was perceived as the company for the children Sninobi is the reincarnation of the motto of that period “Sega does what Nintendon’t”. The phrase “look and learn” is not the words of the coolest gamer but the essence of this retro action.

Shinobi however has a specific “face control”. The first level can be completed by anyone without taking great effort. It attracts the wide audience with its witty and brief tutorials and the interesting complications of the plot. The higher levels are far more prosaic. After the crumpled starter video with the frames attached by chance and the unclear subtitles the gamer is left face to face with his character surrounded by the enemies and evil environment. If you try to run in a couple of meters all you receive is a prompt how to climb the fence. After you’ve been nearly killed the sharp message “press X to ward the danger”. And after that your character is left on his own.

You may ask how one can manage to enjoy the game which seems to be designed for the aliens with four hands and the instant reaction. One should simply understand the aims of this game. Mastering Shinobi is similar to the way of ninja. The life of the character is a period of time where the chaotic button mashing is alternated by the absolute control of the situation. The automatic cramming of the action combination will be a little help on the next level where the same obstacle will get twice more angry. The effective gaming starts when the actions fulfilled begin to turn into the reflexes. Then there will be some spectacular moments when the main character leaps from the wall to wall with the challenging “ho!”, rapidly runs over the sharp thorns and fights several enemies simultaneously. As you may read on the loading screen the patience and urgency will cope with any obstacle.

But if you have purchased the game but don’t feel like learning try the Beginner Level. The amount of lives there tends to be endless and the game saves every five meters. It is possible to concentrate on the stylish murders without bothering to retain health points and the amount of lives. Three or four hours and you may give the game to your friend without any regret.


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