Healthiest cuisines.

If you have decided to change the lifestyle you lead then you may start from your diet. Well, it is really boring to keep a diet I know. That’s why I recommend you to pay much attention to the world healthiest cuisines.

It is believed that one of the most healthiest cuisines in the world is Greek. As the rule it includes fish, vegetables, fresh fruits, grains, olive oil. All these foods undoubtedly would boost your immune system and even prevent cancer and diabetes. If you have weight problems and can’t decide between different diets then the Mediterranean diet is a good choice.

As for me I do prefer Japanese cuisine to others. It includes vegetables, rice, fish, and soy mainly. I do like sushi and rice dishes. Japanese cuisine is one of the most delicious in the world. By the way according to statistics live expectancy in Japan is 82 years. Moreover the Japanese doesn’t suffer from obesity. Well, it least less than other nations.

Chinese cuisine is also in the list of the most healthiest on earth. The Chinese prefer fruits, vegetables, legumes, spices, rice, fish and meat. In China cuisine varies depending on region. What is believed to be traditional in northern part of the country would differ from traditional Cantonese dishes in southern China. And of course the version of the cuisine you are offered in you country has nothing in common with original meals.

I have never been to India but it seems to me that the Indian cuisine is extremely healthy. It includes spices, soy, fruits, vegetables. By the way the latest researches reveal that ingredients of Indian cuisine help to fight such diseases as Alzheimer, cancers, diabetes.

And finally Korean cuisine that includes noodles, fruits, vegetables, fish and rice. The Korean eat small portions. Evidently it explains that the obesity rate in the country is low as well.


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