Six Minerals Which Help Women

Human body consists of cells which present tiny living particles. If you want your cells to perform their functions properly you should regularly “feed” them. The necessary amount of minerals and vitamins provided o your cells will help you to remain beautiful and healthy for a very long time. If your body feels the lack of useful minerals it sends alarm signals to you to which you should pay attention. Among these symptoms are:

  • weakness and distraction of attention
  • irritability and testiness
  • frequent snuffles
  • increased hair loss
  • caries
  • increased fatigability and apathy
  • bad appetite and insomnia

Here is the list of the most needed minerals for women and the products which can provide you with them.

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Take Medicine Properly

Every medicine has its own character. Some of them are “easygoing” while the others are more peevish. All of them require serious attitude and proper approach. Otherwise, they will produce negative effect on your health rather than cure your disease.

For instance, there is a whole separate discipline concerning the rules of washing down the drugs. If your physician did not give you any prescriptions on how to take the medicine, wash it down only with pure still water. Other beverages such as tea, coffee, fizzy water, juices are inadmissible and it can be scientifically explained. Tea contains tannin which creates insoluble combinations with medicine and instead of ringing benefit it just precipitates. As for coffee, its effect is completely unpredictable. In once case it slows down the effect of medicine, while in another it strengthens this effect. For instance, the combination of pain killers with big portions of coffee can damage your liver and other organs.

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The First Computer Games

It is a widely spread fallacy that the first computer game was called Pong. The first computer game ever was called Space War. It wasn’t an extremely popular one as the ones who could play it were the programmers who organized the work of the computers in the 60s. The game plot was primitive. Two little spaceships floated on the screen and were meant to shoot each other.

The year 1971 was characterized by the introduction of the first popular computer game called Space. The game was aimed to be accessible for the wide audience but the idea wasn’t successful. The author of the game Nolan Bashnell didn’t take into account the fact that a little amount of people could afford the large device.

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