Take Medicine Properly

Every medicine has its own character. Some of them are “easygoing” while the others are more peevish. All of them require serious attitude and proper approach. Otherwise, they will produce negative effect on your health rather than cure your disease.

For instance, there is a whole separate discipline concerning the rules of washing down the drugs. If your physician did not give you any prescriptions on how to take the medicine, wash it down only with pure still water. Other beverages such as tea, coffee, fizzy water, juices are inadmissible and it can be scientifically explained. Tea contains tannin which creates insoluble combinations with medicine and instead of ringing benefit it just precipitates. As for coffee, its effect is completely unpredictable. In once case it slows down the effect of medicine, while in another it strengthens this effect. For instance, the combination of pain killers with big portions of coffee can damage your liver and other organs.

Juice contains fruit acids which destroy the structure of medicine and change its pharmaceutics effect. They slow down the work of antibiotics and make the effect of aspirin so great that it can cause the poisoning. Fizzy drinks can change the speed of absorption of active substance by your body.

Combination of drugs with alcohol increases the load on liver, kidneys, heart, vessels and other organs. So, if you were prescribed some treatment, forget about alcohol for this period of time.

Medicine can create dangerous combinations with some products as well, so you should observe what you eat carefully. The efficiency of antibiotics can be decreased if you eat milk and dairy products as well as fruit, juice, dry wine and dishes with vinegar.

Antidepressants should not be used with alcohol, dairy, cheese, beef and fish. If you ignore this rule, you can receive hypertensive crisis. The efficiency of irons decreases if you take them with nuts or products made of wheat.

Heart and antithrombotic medication should not be taken together with products which are rich with proteins. So, you should decrease the consumption of meat, poultry, fish and cottage cheese.

If to speak about irreconcilability with drugs, grapefruit can be definitely declared a champion. It is harmful to use it with antibiotics, pills, analgetics, antihistamines, antiviral drugs, medicine for a cough… This list is so long that it is easier to exclude grapefruit from your ration during the period of treatment than remember it.


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