Six Minerals Which Help Women

Human body consists of cells which present tiny living particles. If you want your cells to perform their functions properly you should regularly “feed” them. The necessary amount of minerals and vitamins provided o your cells will help you to remain beautiful and healthy for a very long time. If your body feels the lack of useful minerals it sends alarm signals to you to which you should pay attention. Among these symptoms are:

  • weakness and distraction of attention
  • irritability and testiness
  • frequent snuffles
  • increased hair loss
  • caries
  • increased fatigability and apathy
  • bad appetite and insomnia

Here is the list of the most needed minerals for women and the products which can provide you with them.

Silicon answers for the state of your vessels. It is responsible for their elasticity and solidity. Besides, it controls the growth of tissues and stimulates your immune system. Daily portion of silicon is 20-30 mg. This mineral contains in potato, onion, greens, beet, mineral water and turnip.

Marganese strengthens the nervous system as is necessary for proper functioning of the breathing system. If there is a lack of this mineral in your body it causes avitaminosis, problems with thyroid gland, weakness, and frequent headaches. Daily doze of marganese should be 1-2 mg. The main sources of this mineral are beans, rice, oat, nuts, greens and spinach.

Fluorine will save your teeth from caries and strengthens enamel. This mineral helps your body to produce new bone tissues throughout your life. You should receive 10 mg. of fluorine every day with the following products – fish, shrimps, nuts, meat and eggs.

Potassium protects your heart from infarct and is needed for the prevention of cardio-vascular diseases. It decreases blood pressure and helps to keep your muscles in good fit. It also normalizes carbohydrate and salt metabolism in your body. The lack of potassium produce bad effect on your skin – the bags appeared under your eyes, your skin begins to peel off and itch. Your daily portion of potassium is 3 gr. Potato, avocado, bananas, tomatoes, oranges, whole-wheat bread and cauliflower will provide with necessary amount of this mineral.

Magnesium is considered to be a “true” female mineral. It participates in all vital processes of female body. Magnesium is necessary for normal period, impregnation, pregnancy and labor. Besides, it relieves the pain in your muscles and vessels, improves the performance of your brain, answers for synthesis of hormones and helps to get rid of extra cholesterol. You should have 0.5 gr. of magnesium every day. You can find it in wheat, oat, olives, almond, peanut and walnut.

Zinc protects us from flue and different infections. Besides, it is needed for the production of some hormones which participates in thee work of gonads and thyroid gland. It is also used for treatment of acne, burns, eczema, psoriasis and other diseases. You should take 12 mg. of zinc per day. It is provided in abundance by peanut, almond, beef, cheese, beans, greens and pumpkin.


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