Stereotypes about video games

Many people do not like and do not understand those who prefer video gaming to other activities. And as the result there are quite many stereotypes concerning video games and gamers. Of course some of them might be true and some do not have nothing to do with reality. Let’s see.

  • Video gamers are antisocial and introverted individuals who would prefer to complete another level to meeting up friends and hanging out along with them. Well, of course it depends. But according to the latest researches gamers do have friends. It is not necessarily that they share common interests. Anyway gamers like to spend their time with the friends as well.

  • Gamers are less motivated and lazy people. Well, it turns out that video gaming teach children to pay much attention to details. While playing they learn to improve their skills. In fact they try to memorize as many details and facts as possible. And of course video gaming teaches players to react faster to avoid an unpredictable situation.

  • You would be really surprised to find out that quite often gamers train on regular basis. It is difficult to define whether video gaming motivates them to do exercises. Anyway many of them literally can’t live without swimming and jogging.

  • It is widely believed that video gamers do not lead an active lifestyle. They eat junk food from McDonalds’ or KFC. Well, as it was mentioned above many gamers try to keep fit and go in for sports. Quite strange if they eat junk food, don’t you think so? Many of them keep diet and pay much attention to health. And if you accept a regular video gamer as one of the characters of South Park well you should definitely change your mind. At least it has nothing to do with actual facts. So just think it over.


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