Fastest Motorcycles in the World

Motorcycle is you key to extreme life, constant adrenaline and speed which will be faster than your thoughts. Riding a motorcycle is a challenge itself, but some people want to make this challenge even wilder by choosing the fastest models in the world. These motorcycles are flying nearly as fast as jet planes, with only one difference – planes fly in the sky while bikes move with the same speed on the road. If you feel that there is still place for some more extreme in your life, pay attention to the following fastest bikes in the world.

Dodge Tomahawk is a four-wheel motorcycle which can accelerate to 97 kilometers in two and a half seconds. If not for counter-resistance of the wind, this bike, according to its developers, could have speed of 460 km/h. However, it is just a theoretical speed which is received from real parameters of propulsion – 8.3-liters engine with ten cylinders and the power of 500 hp.

2010 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R is one of the fastest and the most powerful motorcycles in the world. Besides, its design is also very impressive – it makes my mouth water every time I see the image of this transport miracle. In 2011, during the race Loring Timing Association an American participant Bill Warner reached the speed of 502 km/h on the modernized version of this motorcycle which appeared to be a new re cord of speed on motorcycle.

MTT turbine superbike Y2K is the only motorcycle for riding on common roads which is equipped with aviation turbine engine. This model received two entries in the Guinness Book as being “The most powerful serial motorcycle” and “The most expensive serial motorcycle”. The vehicle weights about 61 kilos, has 302 ph and develops the speed of 402 km/h.

Lightning Electric Superbike is declared to be the fastest motorcycle in the world which works on the electric engine. During the test drive in the Desert of Big Salt Lake the vehicle showed the result of 352 km/h.

If you search for something more traditional but nevertheless fast, you can try BMW K 1200 S – it has 167 ph and develops the speed of 100 km/h within two seconds. Besides, it provides excellent controllability on the roads. Low position of the center of gravity allow you literally “lie down” on the road twists while electronic system of suspension tuning and anti-lock system increases ride comfort.


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