The First Computer Games

It is a widely spread fallacy that the first computer game was called Pong. The first computer game ever was called Space War. It wasn’t an extremely popular one as the ones who could play it were the programmers who organized the work of the computers in the 60s. The game plot was primitive. Two little spaceships floated on the screen and were meant to shoot each other.

The year 1971 was characterized by the introduction of the first popular computer game called Space. The game was aimed to be accessible for the wide audience but the idea wasn’t successful. The author of the game Nolan Bashnell didn’t take into account the fact that a little amount of people could afford the large device.

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Auto auctions in Japan.

My today’s post will be devoted to auto auctions and main principles of a method of selling cars based on auction system in Japan. Strangely enough but the practice of selling cars as on auctions is not popular and even unknown to many countries. But at the same time it is quite popular in Japan. How does it work? To tell the truth the system of auto auctions in Japan is a bit complicated especially for foreigners who decided to buy a car in Japan.

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Safe Web Browser For Kids

It’s not a secret today that we cannot live without Internet. We use it at home and at work and it became indispensable for us to have an opportunity to search for something on the web to satisfy our hunger for information. Have you ever thought what kids usually feel watching us during the time we are surfing through the web?

They are most likely aware of the infinite quantity of intriguing things over there however they have no idea that some data can be unsafe for their unstable mentality. KidRocket KidSafe Web Browser was developed in order to help parents control what kind of pages children load. Its designers certainly did their best to fulfill this particular purpose.

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