Stereotypes about video games

Many people do not like and do not understand those who prefer video gaming to other activities. And as the result there are quite many stereotypes concerning video games and gamers. Of course some of them might be true and some do not have nothing to do with reality. Let’s see.

  • Video gamers are antisocial and introverted individuals who would prefer to complete another level to meeting up friends and hanging out along with them. Well, of course it depends. But according to the latest researches gamers do have friends. It is not necessarily that they share common interests. Anyway gamers like to spend their time with the friends as well.

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Shinobi Review

If Super Mario 3D Land makes you recollect the times when the capital “N” was perceived as the company for the children Sninobi is the reincarnation of the motto of that period “Sega does what Nintendon’t”. The phrase “look and learn” is not the words of the coolest gamer but the essence of this retro action.

Shinobi however has a specific “face control”. The first level can be completed by anyone without taking great effort. It attracts the wide audience with its witty and brief tutorials and the interesting complications of the plot. The higher levels are far more prosaic. After the crumpled starter video with the frames attached by chance and the unclear subtitles the gamer is left face to face with his character surrounded by the enemies and evil environment. If you try to run in a couple of meters all you receive is a prompt how to climb the fence. After you’ve been nearly killed the sharp message “press X to ward the danger”. And after that your character is left on his own.

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