Stereotypes about video games

Many people do not like and do not understand those who prefer video gaming to other activities. And as the result there are quite many stereotypes concerning video games and gamers. Of course some of them might be true and some do not have nothing to do with reality. Let’s see.

  • Video gamers are antisocial and introverted individuals who would prefer to complete another level to meeting up friends and hanging out along with them. Well, of course it depends. But according to the latest researches gamers do have friends. It is not necessarily that they share common interests. Anyway gamers like to spend their time with the friends as well.

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The First Computer Games

It is a widely spread fallacy that the first computer game was called Pong. The first computer game ever was called Space War. It wasn’t an extremely popular one as the ones who could play it were the programmers who organized the work of the computers in the 60s. The game plot was primitive. Two little spaceships floated on the screen and were meant to shoot each other.

The year 1971 was characterized by the introduction of the first popular computer game called Space. The game was aimed to be accessible for the wide audience but the idea wasn’t successful. The author of the game Nolan Bashnell didn’t take into account the fact that a little amount of people could afford the large device.

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